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The past...

Specializing in 1on1/small group technical training, 90 Minutes Fitness started in July 2021 in the Pittsburgh area. Committed to the individual development of players, we started small with minimal equipment, struggling to acquire training space, and very few players. However, we were committed to providing high quality supplemental training to players of all ages and abilities. With each month that went by, the business started to grow due to the results players were seeing. In October 2023, we rebranded as Curran Soccer Academy.

The present...

Just over two years later, we are now Pittsburgh's only full time private soccer training providers offering year round training. We now work with over 100 players not only in the Pittsburgh area, but also from surrounding states such as West Virginia and Ohio. In addition to grass fields, we are now able to offer turf field training at premium locations. Most importantly, we have seen our players grow and develop, both as players and human beings.

Each player and their family matters.

The future...

For those that have been with us from the start, you will know that we never stand still. We are constantly looking for ways to improve. From our coaching methods, acquiring new locations, equipment partnerships, or even how you can book a session, we continuously strive to add value.

We don't intend to stand still anytime soon. We have exciting plans for the future, as we aim to impact as many players as possible and help them achieve their goals.

One thing that will never change:

You will leave each session a better player than you arrived, with an increased love of the game and a heightened motivation to succeed.

Welcome to CSA!

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