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90 Minutes Fitness conducts all the activity on this website for all its source of information, features and sales of services. By visiting this website and making a personal decision to use its content, you (the visitor) imply that you’ve agreed to our terms and conditions. If you do not wish to comply or agree to our terms and conditions any further, then its the visitor’s responsibility not to access our site any longer for any information or services.

This disclaimer confirms that there has been an offer (by 90 Minutes Fitness) and acceptance (by the visitor, consumer) for how we conduct our terms of service and the content of the website. The company will not be held liable for your decision to use this information.

We exercise the right to make changes to the website at any time.

These changes can be amended after you have read our terms of service and are subject to the same conditions. It’s the visitor’s (consumer) responsibility to review the website on a continual basis. Updates to our policy will be notified clearly within its terms. Any new features, products, services or information will be subject to these changes in our terms of service. It is the company’s right to add updates to their website whenever necessary and the visitor’s obligation to check these changes if continuing to use its information, as they are bound in agreement in offer and acceptance upon receipt of its use.

The personal data that you submit to 90 Minutes Fitness is governed by our privacy policy.



All of the content posted on our website is considered property of the company (90 Minutes Fitness) and may not be copied or transferred by any person or business for personal or commercial use without consent by a representative of the firm. Information posted on our site is used specifically for the benefit and well-being of our visitors or customers and may not be used for resale in services or posted online for any public use. All rights to the information on our website are legally reserved.

Any information that has been submitted to 90 Minutes Fitness by visitors through our website is also considered property of the company. The details are kept on file by the company for any necessary means in relations to its terms of service. Public postings made voluntary such as comments, reviews, testimonials are the decision and responsibility of the client and cannot be made liable upon the company.

We do not permit or tolerate any kind of offensive conduct on our website. Content that will knowingly introduce viruses or appears malicious, such as causing deliberate harm to the company, its website, or any person(s), is also deemed as harmful and offensive. Only representatives of the company have authorisation to access company software and accounts. Any attempt or breach upon this property by a non-representative will result in legal action against the offender.

The same policy applies for any person(s) who deliberately spams or performs any malicious act on our website without the permission of the company. You must not use any content from our website to harm any person or individual externally. Downloading or copying our website material is subject to copyright infringement.

If you have any concern or complaint about our agreed terms and conditions, we both conform (company and visitor) to communicate within a private and appropriate manner. You must not threaten our company or its members via our site. We will not be held responsible for any damages caused by individuals that access our site to carry out any malicious behaviour.



90 Minutes Fitness has the right to refuse any customer who violates the terms and conditions of the company at any time. In such cases, the firm exercises the right to terminate any agreement that the customer and the company have in place. The firm also has the right to end communication with any individual who demonstrates injurious character to any staff member at any time, as such behaviour could lead to harming that individual. The company is not obligated to accept any improper or abusive behaviour.



90 Minutes Fitness is not responsible for information on the site staying relevant and accurate in correspondence to the previous date it was posted. Visitors that access our site for facts or knowledge cannot rely on this information as an individual source for their decision making without consulting or referring to other professionals for more advice. Visitors who implement decisions based on our information or guidelines are responsible for their own actions and putting themselves at their own risk. Content on this website is used simply for which it states within its material and should not be used for any other personal or business reasons.



The company is not obligated to notify any changes to its services or prices. Changes will be made to reflect the best interests of the firm or in response to changes in the economy. Your decision to discontinue our services due to these modifications is your responsibility as the consumer.



We do not warrant or assure that the results you receive from the terms of service will be accurate or reliable, due to the efforts made from both parties within the contract being interrupted or any other interference. You agree that your inability to use the service while in agreement is solely your own risk and responsibility. The company cannot be liable for any injury caused as the result of self negligence or committed by any third party during terms of service that are not contracted to the firm.

90 Minutes Fitness will also not be held responsible for the following after agreeing to our terms of service:

  • your loss of data

  • your loss of savings, revenue or any other income

  • your loss of time

  • your loss of personal assets

The firm will not be liable for any losses incurred by your decision to use information from our website for any decisions you make without consulting a professional for your actions. This refers to any information you use from any of the pages listed on our website and its subdomains and subdirectories.



You must not link to our website without seeking permission from a representative of the company. Such links can cause harm to the website and must be removed without further notice. Refusal to remove this material will result in disciplinary action. In turn, we are not liable for the actions of another company for whom we provide a link, nor the content on their website.



The terms of service that have been stated in this policy will be governed, if any issue or legal proceedings arise, by the courts of United States. If you reside in a foreign country and violate or break these conditions, we will exercise the right to bring this case to the governing body of that state for judgement.



If you have any further questions relating to our terms and conditions, please submit a message by emailing the company at the following address:

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