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Coach Aidan is great with my 12 year old daughter. He uses a lot of positive statements with her and it really boosts her confidence. That seems to really make her try harder and put forth more effort!


Coach Aidan is the best. He's very knowledgeable in soccer and seems to enjoy sharing his knowledge.

My son has learnt more in a few sessions with Aidan then the entire year prior. His sessions are remarkable and he keeps you going strong the entire time.


Coach Aiden has been working with my daughter over the summer on her soccer skills. He is professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Sophie has thoroughly enjoyed her sessions and has improved each week. I highly recommend Coach Aidan to anyone looking to work on soccer training.


“To say that Coach Aidan’s heart is full of passion and dedication does not do him justice. My daughter’s love of the game has grown exponentially since she has been working with Coach Aidan. His compassion and patience make our daughter feel comfortable in learning from her mistakes.


Her confidence has grown immensely, and her footwork has greatly improved in just the few weeks they have been working together. Aidan is a truly blessing for helping our daughter succeed. His strong work ethic and incredible skills are a part of our daughter’s practice routine. Thank you, Aidan for all of the guidance and strong coaching you have given to our daughter!!"


"Our son, Gavin (10), has been working with Aidan for just over a month now. Our goal was to find someone to provide Gavin with additional 1-on-1 training in order to improve his soccer skills and boost his confidence. Aidan has done exactly that! He has executed a plan for Gavin perfectly.


His ability to adapt to each player and know what they need to focus on is remarkable. Gavin's performance and confidence have both skyrocketted. He truly enjoys working with Aidan and values their "friendship". Aidan is the right choice for you!"


"I want to personally let everyone know how intricate and positive coach Aidan is. I interviewed several coaches from all over before deciding to choose Aidan and the coach up program.

His skills as a coach and mentor for young players is second to none. He uses the gifts his players were born with then exploits their weaknesses in a very positive manner. Making the players weaknesses their strong points. Ultimately preparing the player to understand everything that occurs on a soccer field. 

Coach Aidan’s class and character are beyond 1st Class!! I recommend coach Aidan to anyone who wants to bring out the best skill in their child."


"Thank you Aidan! Xander loves his sessions with you and we are over the moon with the progress you have helped him achieve! - Highly recommend!"


"Coach Aidan has really helped my 10 yo daughter develop essential soccer skills. Her kicks are stronger, passes more accurate, and she just better overall. I would highly recommend Aidan."


"Very encouraging to my son and loves to be asked questions and answers any and all questions by my son without hesitation.

The drills he has my son do are tailored to my sons skillset and due to his encouragement my son has fun while learning.

Coach Aidan has been very helpful to this point. Im sure he will continue to be worth the experience."


Coach Aiden is a tremendous coach who takes time to work on all skills and especially focus on skills that is tailored to each Individual player. He has helped my son with his footwork and shot. I would highly recommend Aidan for your child’s soccer training


“Very talented coach, he made feel welcome and I felt safe working with him. He brightened up many aspects of my game I didn’t not know about with just one session. Can’t wait to continue to work with him over the coming months. I also liked that he is flexible with time enough he works a lot with other players. His passion for soccer transfers over to you once you start the session! 


Coach Aidan is a wonderful coach and trainer. He really motivates and makes the sessions fun. My son has made great progress in both skills and confidence and we are only a few weeks in. We are excited about continuing our training with Coach Aidan.


Seeing a definite difference in my son’s level of play and his confidence too. Looking forward to seeing how much more he can achieve with Aidan’s help and support.


My children have been working with Coach Aidan for two years now. He is a fantastic coach who deeply cares for the players, not only in regard to soccer development but he genuinely cares about their growth as individuals. My three children range from college to elementary age and Aidan has had such a positive impact on each of them. He designs and runs sessions that challenge a college level player while having the kindness and patience required to work with my then 2nd grader.


Aidan has such a high level of knowledge but also possesses the ability to clearly communicate that knowledge to any level of player. This has translated to my kids having huge leaps in confidence and skills development that grows after each session.


Aidan also makes time to communicate with the parents. I've mentioned to Aidan several times that his communication and feedback are the best we have ever received. Two years in and every single time the session is over my kids are wanting another.


Our son has worked with coach Aidan for the past year. Coach Aidan’s soccer knowledge and ability to work with youth soccer players is unparalleled.  Our son looks forward to each training and his skill in the game have improved because of his training with coach Aidan.


My daughter has been training with Aidan now for a few years.  She's participated in the 1 on 1 sessions and in his small groups.  She says that the best thing about his trainings is that everything he trains them on is purposeful and has meaning behind it.  He truly cares about making her a better overall well rounded player. As a parent, it's obvious how much he cares.  He follows up with us about the trainings and lets us know what  they are working on. We tell everyone about Aidan :)

It's been a pleasure seeing Curran Soccer Academy grow into what it is today.

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